RISE - Design Thinking at Horizon

Design Thinking / Innovation

Horizon is creating learning experiences for you to solve complex problems using design thinking methodologies and mindsets. We’re calling this team, RISE.

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RISE is a Horizon program that incorporates Design Thinking (DT) techniques into our fundamental approach to projects and problems. By utilising the mindset and methods of DT, our teams are able to challenge complex issues in a systematic, yet creative way, to produce both short and long term solutions.


With design thinking, we aim to realise and put projects into action. No more talking around the bush by solely starting or improving upon past initiatives. All Horizon members will be able to build on existing projects that had many ups and downs, difficulty in deciding directions and plans not going as expected. Design thinking will vastly decrease idle time spent on projects.


Design thinking allows for members to improve their ability in short-term brainstorming, cultivating ideas under time constraints, which later blossom into bigger ideas. This will create a unique environment where barriers to communication and creativity are loosened, and a safe space is established for members to truly explore their passions.


The COVID-19 pandemic has enabled us to take on an increasingly global outlook, with more opportunity to engage through online platforms.  As a result, we were able to launch the first of (hopefully many) our beginner-level design thinking workshops.


The first was in collaboration with Hult Prize, where 6 of our internally-trained Design Thinking coaches led a group of 20 students to collaborate and create innovative ideas. The focus here was on “how might we help students reduce food waste in Japan?”, connecting to both the participants and coaches, which cultivated lively discussion. So far our projects have been incredibly successful, allowing students and coaches to meet others, in a passionate and creative environment, all united by a desire to cultivate solutions to pressing issues.


RISE prides itself in flexibility, easily adjusting to best suit the needs of our projects. As such, we are thrilled to work with new partners, no matter where in the world you are based. We offer you internally trained coaches and motivated members to conduct workshops, projects and any other engaging opportunity. Contact us at reachout.horizon@gmail.com