Horizon’s Refugee Support Team was born of a desire to create a positive impact in the lives of refugees. Our team’s members grew up watching the struggle of refugees in Europe and Asia from afar, and now want to give what they can to support.

The team, with limited resources and range as university students, wants to give refugees a chance to tell their own story and create a positive narrative around the migrant struggle.

In 2020 we discovered ...

  • Youth x UNHCR Japan and the Refugee Support Team worked together, with us managing the project’s Instagram page. creating posts on the history of UNHCR and refugees, with special attention paid to Japan’s own relationship to the organization and experience.

  • We are now creating a platform for refugee performers and artists to shed light on their situation and put faces and more profound ideas to the issue. The project intends to present and humanize these hidden figures to an unfortunately ignorant and often uncaring public, articulating and abstracting their experiences and dreams. Fundraising for the creators and their families will run parallel to presentation of their creative efforts.


We will continue building relationships with a variety of professionals in the field for guidance. Set on helping a situation shrouded by red tape and in dire need of resources unavailable to students.