Frequently asked questions

What measures have we taken in response to the coronavirus?

Our meetings and our projects are now all online. It is challenging, but we aren’t letting that stop us.

Once recruited, will we go through some training sessions?

Yes, we are working on our onboarding process, and all training sessions will be done online until the coronavirus situation lets up.

How much work will we have as a Horizon member?

It depends on what project(s) you are a part of, and the situation. The usual member spends around 5-10 hours a week on project and committee work combined (committee work is mandatory). We pause during the exam season and members can also take breaks if needed.

How does a member usually pitch projects?

You request the project management team through a short form and pitch the idea to the entire team in a shared communication channel. There you can find your team and get your project started.

Do we have to be able to speak English / Japanese?

Many of our members can speak both English and Japanese, but that doesn’t mean you have to. We work around language barriers. Any announcements we make within and out of the team are done in both English and Japanese.

Do we go on training camps/trips with our team?

Not yet, but we do hold team-building events or fun get-togethers like Christmas Parties or even hiking trips. The activities that we do, like training sessions or workshops, are usually one-day events.

Do we do collaborations with other clubs/circles/organizations?

Yes, we do!

Where are the meetings held? Where is the club room?

We do not have a set club room and come together during Friday lunches at Sophia University. Now with the coronavirus, our meetings are held online.

How do we ace your interview?

What we want to see is your passion. What motivates and drives you? We are a student platform for students’ ideas, so tell us who you are and what you’re passionate about.

When does Horizon start? What about during spring/summer breaks?

We are always on the move! We see breaks as an opportunity to work on things while we are not busy with schoolwork. That doesn’t mean you are always required to work. As long as you communicate with your project teams and committee, you’re a part of when you need a break so they know how many hands are and will be on the wheel.

Is there a membership fee?

None for now!

How are projects funded?

Through our partners/sponsors as well as donations we’ve received. When we sell any products or services for a project and have some extra money left over, that money goes to managing the team and our plans.

What kind of people are you looking for at the moment?

We are not looking for any specific skill to fill a particular position. What we want are passionate people who want to work in a team with like-minded people. We want to know what you’re interested in, and whether you’ll stick around and work on it with us.

Are most activities done on campus?

Yes, and no. We don’t limit ourselves to the school campus - it depends on what your project needs for it to work - but as we are based in Sophia, some events take place there.

Is Horizon completely student-led?

Yes. While we get many professors and professionals to help and mentor, Horizon is currently 100% a ’for students, by students’ organization.

What kind of projects are we doing/thinking of doing?

Our members work on issues they are passionate about: environmental sustainability, gender equity and equality, mental health inclusivity, refugees etc . In Horizon, you have the opportunity to join or take initiative to form a project group and take on different means to move towards solutions.

What is Horizon?

We are a student empowerment organization committed to supporting and inspiring young people to become changemakers by creating empowering tools and platforms!