Powering Horizon are project groups that work on issues our members are passionate about. With the focus ranging from environmental to gender issues, we take on different means to move towards solutions. Our members have the opportunity to join or take initiative to form a project group on any topic they are passionate about.

Learn more about our project groups, the fundamental organs of Horizon's drive towards becoming a changemaker.

Looking for something specific?

Design Thinking / Innovation

Horizon is creating learning experiences for you to solve complex problems using design thinking methodologies and mindsets. We’re calling this internal group, RISE.


Environment / Sustainability

The CocoEco team, derived from the Japanese word ‘koko’ meaning "one by one" and "here", works to bring environmental consciousness in Japanese society.


Gender Equality / Self Defense

Horizon’s Self Defense Initiative (SDI) was formed with a focus on a specific subset of feminist issues. We host workshops and discussions with experts, working to create a safer world for women.


Gender Equality

Fempowerment (FPM) is a project team in Horizon that advocates for gender equality. We host workshops and events that facilitate meaningful conversations about topics related to gender, such as societal gender norms and women's health. 


Sustainability / Design Thinking

Inspired by design thinking, the Sustainability Team brings together students, companies, and experts to learn and explore innovative solutions that tackle the challenges of sustainability. 



Horizon’s Refugee Support Team was born of a desire to create a positive impact in the lives of refugees. Our team, with limited resources and range as university students, wants to give refugees a chance to tell their own story and create a positive narrative around the migrant struggle.