1. Personal Data Privacy Policy
As an organisation, Horizon (“we,” “our” or “us”) pledges to follow the piracy policy guidelines expanded on below, understanding the importance and necessity to build and maintain our methods to protect any personal data that is trusted with us by members, partners and associates.

2. Management of Personal Data
In order to maintain the highest security towards the management of personal data that is shared with our organisation, we will ensure that all data is accurate and updated regularly. Further, to prevent any fraudulent access, loss, damage, tampering, or sharing of personal data, our security system will be constantly monitored and prioritized.
3. Intended use of Personal Data as an organization
When accessing our website, users may be asked to enter their name, email address, phone number, and other relevant personal information. Such personal data will only be used within our organization to send newsletters, event invites, responses to Q&As, or sharing of requested documents.
4. Restrictions over any sharing of personal information to third party organizations or individuals
Our organisation will strictly protect any personal data and will only share such information with third parties in the following cases:
  • When requested and shared with the individual’s consent
  • If the declaration of certain personal data is required by law
5. Safety measures regarding personal data
In order to protect the safety of personal data and its accuracy, our organization has strict security measures in place.
6. Compliance, Revision of laws and policies
If the individual requests to either share, edit, or delete any existing information shared with our organization, we will act with correspondence after verifying the identity of the individual.

7. Contact
Please send any inquiries regarding our privacy policy to the address below.
Email address: