We are dedicated to empowering the youth and creating positive impact.

Join Horizon, a student empowerment organization launched in 2019 at Sophia University, Tokyo. We are committed to create empowering tools and platforms with the aim of supporting and inspiring young people to drive social change.




Environment / Sustainability

The CocoEco team, derived from the Japanese word ‘koko’ meaning "one by one" and "here", works to bring environmental consciousness in Japanese society.


Gender Equality

Fempowerment (FPM) is a project team in Horizon that advocates for gender equality. We host workshops and events that facilitate meaningful conversations about topics related to gender, such as societal gender norms and women's health. 

Our team has continually embraced change and thrived in ambiguity.

Our journey has shaped how we work and create positive impact. In cooperation with partners, community members, and our Sophia University we unite to empower ourselves and inspire others.

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